Key Elements


Organise signing of contract between builder & client confirm prime cost & provisional sums


provide drawn details, written instructions as requested by builder during the construction process to clarify the design


administer variations to the contract (ie additional work) & obtain client approval
assess progress claims on behalf of the client
assess & approve claims for extensions of time

site meetings

arrange & attend site meetings & other as required


consultants, client-builder interaction, practical completion defects liability period & final certificate


to provide a structured, impartial and orderly framework for the building process & smooth, fair and informed communication between client and builder


client is aware of their obligations under the building contract and liaises with the builder via the architect
collaborative & cooperative team work & information flow between client-architect-builder and vice versa
unless otherwise informed, site meetings to be held as scheduled and attended by client


a completed building project built to the agreed budget and time-line to all parties satisfaction

possible fee extras

any work resulting from changes to design or selections by client after agreement is reached
any additional work as a result of client instructing the builder directly without architect consultation
printing costs of documents
travel costs outside 15km radius