CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION    (detailed documentation)

Key Elements


review conditions & recommendations of BRC approval & confirm any additional work


prepare essential joinery detailing for kitchen laundry & bathrooms
produce technical drawings at scale 1:50 or larger to examine building junctions & critical construction issues
building service layouts & wet area layouts & tiling

specification & schedules

prepare final specification & schedule of materials selections, finishes & appliances


to fully document the building to ensure that the constructional and aesthetic principles of the design are upheld.


Client collaborates with architect to arrive at material & finishes selections in a focused and timely way collaborative & cooperative team work & information flow between consultant team & client 3 meetings with client in office to review drawings & make selections


a complete set of project documentation for builder tender &/or confirm total built cost with already selected builder

possible fee extras

any changes to design or selections by client after agreement is reached
any additional joinery items to those stated above
printing costs of documents
travel costs outside 15km radius